Prayer Journal

What the People in the World Do Not Know (2021.08.31)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

What the People in the World Do Not Know 

Deuteronomy 4:15~24│ Take care, lest you forget the covenant of the Lord your God, which he made with you, and make a carved image, the form of anything that the Lord your God has forbidden you. (23)

Remnants must be able to see two platforms. The first is the platform where people gather.the culture of idol worship The second is the platform where people do not gather.the place where God sees Remnants must see both of these platforms simultaneously in order to move the world. Then, in order to do so, what must Remnants be taught?

1.Knowledge and Power that Transcend Powerful Nations
Remnants must be equipped with knowledge and power that transcend powerful nations. Remnants must know the
mystery of the Triune God being with them and of spiritual beings,the Lord’s angels and messengers and armies of angels In addition, they must know their status and authority that receive the blessing of the throne, “The 10 Mysteries,” “The 10 Foundations of Faith,” “The 5 Assurances,” “The 9 Streams,” “The 62 Points of the Evangelist’s Life,” and worship which are the answers and solutions to everything.

2.The Answer for World Evangelization
Wherever Remnants go, darkness is bound. Furthermore, Remnants must be commissioned as spiritual doctors, ambassadors of Christ, and watchmen to heal the 237 nations, relay their skills, and restore culture. The 237, healing, and Summit movements are the platforms that God needs the most.

God told Moses and Joshua what they had already received. Likewise, Remnants have already received the answer of seeing in advance, enjoying in advance, and conquering in advance. If Remnants focus on prayer and worship, they can confirm these answers every day.


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