Prayer Journal

People Who Saw What Was Important (2021.08.30)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

There was a reason why God kept the Israelites in the wilderness for 40 years. God wanted them, who lived asslaves in Egypt for a long time and whose slave mentality was imprinted in them, to be liberated through “only Gospel” and to grab hold of the evidence of the sure Word. Likewise, with a mature attitude of faith, you must hold onto the evidence of the Word. Then, what are the evidences?


  1. Imprint God’s Works

If faith is planted, then faith will grow. Likewise, if unbelief is

planted, then unbelief will grow. Following that same principle, answers will come according to what is imprinted inyou. In

addition, you mustn’t worry; instead, become imprinted with God’s work of salvation that completely delivered youfrom Satan, curses, and the background of Hell.

  1. Be Rooted and Possess the Nature of the Word That You’ve Experienced

Until now, you’ve experienced God’s Word under His

protection. Now, you must hold onto the Word that you’ve


experienced as your evidence and lay roots. More importantly, take God’s Word regarding the future and make it yournature. Everyone has his or her God-given time schedule. For the sake

of that day, personalize the covenant and break down the areas in your life that are blocked.


There will be times when you fall into crises and have conflicts with people. During those times, don’t waver; instead, constantly stay close to “only Jehovah God” and firmly grab hold of the accurate covenant. In doing so, God will surely give you the one-hundred-year answer.



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