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A New Imprint That Was Mentioned First (2021.08.25)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

A New Imprint That Was Mentioned First 

Numbers 2:24~25│ “On the north side shall be the standard of the camp of Dan by their companies, the chief of the people of Dan being Ahiezer the son of Ammishaddai,” (25)

A majority of people take others’ words to heart, but take God’s Word lightly. Unfortunately, those people don’t know the method of true success. However, you’re a person who’s inside of God’s absolute sovereignty and being led to the place that God desires. For this to take place, what must you be newly imprinted with?

1.The Gospel That Was Restored Again after 400 Years
The Gospel of Christ who completely broke Satan’s authority Genesis 3:15 was restored again after 400 years. You must experience this blessing every day. The way to do that is by discarding your thoughts and worries and enjoying God who is with you. You must first experience this mystery and relay it to the next generation.

2.Forty Years of Guidance in the Wilderness
Even though the 40 years in the wilderness were filled with various hardships and crises, they weren’t problems for the Israelites because they had lived their lives centered on the Tabernacle. On the contrary, through the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies, the Israelites experienced a mysterious and unique spiritual blessing. Likewise, there is no reason for you to become discouraged or afraid when you see the world. All you need to do is concentrate on God and prepare to enter Canaan.

Praying five minutes a day has sufficient spiritual power to change the entire age. If you let go of your thoughts and worries and concentrate on prayer for five minutes a day, you’ll become imprinted with power and true happiness that go beyond you.


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