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Obadiah’s Direction That Aligned with the 237 Nations (2021.08.18)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

Obadiah’s Direction That Aligned with the 237 Nations 

1 Kings 18:1~13│ “...and when Jezebel cut off the prophets of the Lord, Obadiah took a hundred prophets and hid them by fifties in a cave and fed them with bread and water.” (4)

The Spiritual Summit is a person who communicates with the throne of God’s Kingdom. Whenever this person prays, he or she can communicate with the Kingdom of God and enjoy the background of the throne. Obadiah was one such Spiritual Summit. In fact, he also knew the direction that God desired. Then, what was that direction?

1.The Answers That Were Given in Advance
If you think a lot without praying, you’ll have no choice but to worry. The environment and situations of today are still difficult and filled with problems. 
If Obadiah didn’t concentrate on God, solely looked at his circumstances, and focused only on King Ahab, he wouldn’t have been able to see his God-given answers. When you focus on God, you’ll see that problems are methods that fulfill God’s works. From that moment, you’ll experience God who guards your heart and thoughts.

2.Obadiah’s Background and Devotion
Obadiah was both Elijah’s disciple and King Ahab’s official.
With these two backgrounds, he protected and helped 100 prophets. Although it was dangerous to go against the queen, the king had no choice but to entrust important duties to Obadiah because there weren’t any officials like him.

The 100 prophets whom Obadiah helped later became the main figures who moved the age through the movements of Mt. Carmel, Mt. Horeb, and Dothan. Small changes that take place through one Spiritual Summit will bring enormous results that will change the age and future.


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