Prayer Journal

A Doctor Who Heals the 237 Nations (2021.08.07)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

A Doctor Who Heals the 237 Nations 

Acts 19:8~10│ This continued for two years, so that all the residents of Asia heard the word of the Lord, both Jews and Greeks. (10)

Those who hold onto the God-given covenant will receive answers from the throne and will actualize their heavenly mandate, calling, and mission to save the world. Moreover, through one person who holds onto the covenant, God will heal the hearts, thoughts, brains, and souls that contain incorrect imprints. Through Joseph, God healed his family, Pharaoh, and Egypt. Much later, Paul’s team even saved Rome. Then, what is the way to heal the principle source?

1.The Impact of the Gospel and the Power of the Word
People, who are spiritual beings, are bound by spiritual problems that cannot be solved without the Gospel. Chained by sin and the background of Hell, people have no choice but to be shocked when they hear the Gospel which is the only answer to
all of man’s problems. From that moment, true healing begins
and changes take place. Moreover, when the power of the Word that is in the Gospel begins to emerge, you’ll walk on the journey of a witness who will heal the principle source of the world. Only the Word contains the principle source of power to revive people and save souls.

2.Word Fulfillment and Fundamental Healing
The Word of the Gospel will undoubtedly be fulfilled. That’s why your life will be determined by the covenant that you hold onto. Ultimately, God gives you the Word, fulfills it in your life, and is always with you. Starting today, set aside that peaceful time during the day to concentrate. In doing so, true power to heal the world will be restored. Eventually, you’ll witness that the small amount of time when you connect your covenant to prayer will change everything.

In the end, you’ll gain spiritual power from God, restore power to embrace and transcend everything, and recover vitality. In addition, through the answers that are connected to finances and meetings, you’ll be utilized as a witness in the field of healing.


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