Prayer Journal

Battle with a Reason (2021.08.04)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

Battle with a Reason 

Numbers 31:1~12│ Then they brought the captives and the plunder and the spoil to Moses, and to Eleazar the priest, and to the congregation of the people of Israel, at the camp on the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho. (12)

Satan deceives people from believing in God and eventually leads them to a state of destruction. However, you’ve been given a method to completely win which is fighting the spiritual battle. God has called you as an ambassador of Christ and commanded you to fight the battle that contains great significance. Then, how must you fight?

1.Fight with Evidences Found inside the Holy Place and Tabernacle
God instructed, “Fight the spiritual battle with the evidences
found in the Holy Place and Tabernacle.” Jochebed, Moses,
and Jethro were able to overcome the rough wilderness life by enjoying the blessing of the throne through their lives that were centered on the Tabernacle and the Holy Place. Moreover,
God instructed, “Battle the fields that have fallen victim to
idols and debauchery. This is the beginning of healing and simultaneously, the way to save the 237 nations of the world.

2.Fight for the Future and the Remnants
For the sake of the future and the Remnants, God has commanded you to fight against people groups and kings who worship idols. The meaning of blowing the trumpet without
ceasing in the field means “to prepare to save the posterity.”
Ultimately, you must engage in spiritual war against Satan who builds shrines to lead people astray. The only way to solve deep-rooted darkness and disasters is through the Tabernacle and the temple movement.

You are a warrior who has already won the battle. When you enjoy your status and authority, the armies of angels are mobilized. Armed with this authority in the field, all you need to do is enjoy the blessing of the Tabernacle, the tent of meeting, and the tent.


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