Prayer Journal

The Time to Resolve Past Scars (2021.07.29)

페이스북 공유 카카오톡 공유

The Time to Resolve Past Scars 

Numbers 29:1~6 │ “On the first day of the seventh month you shall have a holy convocation. You shall not do any ordinary work. It is a day for you to blow the trumpets,” (1)

Scars will eventually return as big problems. In severe cases, they can lead to disasters, wars, and even mental illnesses. Moreover, Satan uses deceptions to make people suffer from their scars to the very end. For that reason, God emphasizes that people discard their scars and instead, receive the blessing of “re-creation.” How can you receive that blessing?

1.Have a Holy Convocation
The works of fundamental healing and “re-creation” are possible only through the power of the Word. If you don’t experience this, you’ll have no choice but to live according to your incomplete thoughts and abilities. Every day, you must
confirm and become imprinted with Christ and the miracles that God performed during the forty years on the wilderness path. These were the reasons why God had instructed the Israelites to have a holy convocation.

2.Give a Sacrificial Offering
You must give sacrificial offerings to God and obtain atonement. In other words, you must receive spiritual healing from what God has given. By receiving healing, you’ll be able to confess thanksgiving every day. In doing so, worship and prayer
become the most valuable essentials in your life. This is the life that God wants you to live the most.

Satan will plow into your scars and continue to cause division; however, there’s no need to worry. Whenever you become seized by your scars; by yourself; or even your past, you can pray to enjoy Immanuel. In the end, God will give the answer of everything working together to achieve good.


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